Healthier In the EU was set up initially to support health researchers within Scientists for EU and then to become a voice for the UK’s health professionals to voice their support for the UK’s membership of the EU.


Who we are

Healthier In the EU is run by Professor Martin McKee (Programme Director), Dr Mike Galsworthy (Programme Director) and Dr Rob Davidson (Chief Technical Officer). See more below and do check out our Advisory Board


martin mckee

Martin McKee

Prof Martin McKee CBE MD FMedSci is professor of European Public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and is president of the European Public Health Association. He has written extensively on health in Europe, and in particular on the role of the European institutions in promoting health, cross-border care in Europe, and the impact of European law on health and health services. His work has been recognised by, among others, election to the US National Academy of Medicine, the UK Academy of Medical Sciences, honorary doctorates in several European countries, and visiting professorships worldwide. In 2015 he was listed by Thomson Reuters as one of the 1% most highly cited researchers across all disciplines worldwide.

mike galsworthy

Mike Galsworthy

Dr Mike Galsworthy is an independent consultant in research and innovation policy and a visiting researcher at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). Previous to that he worked at UCL & the Royal College of Anaesthetists. Mike’s undergraduate degree is from Cambridge (Natural Sciences, 1st class) and PhD from Kings’ College London (behaviour genetics). His recent work includes a series of case studies on “international innovation” by UK universities for Universities UK and an analysis to assess the effectiveness of the EU’s health research programme under FP7 (science programme for the years 2007-2013). His commentary on UK-EU research relations has been cited in Government and House of Lords documents. Mike has analysed and written commentary (academic and lay) on EU research programmes since 2009, has given invited talks on science policy and has been vocal on why the UK should stay in the EU for science since 2013.

rob davidson

Rob Davidson

Dr Rob Davidson works as a Data Scientist for the academic online journal Gigascience. Previously he worked as post-doctoral bioinformatician at the University of Birmingham. He holds a BSc in Computer Science (1st Class Honours) and MRes in Bioinformatics from the University of Exeter. His PhD is in Clinical NMR Metabolomics from the Institute of Cancer Research. Rob is an executive member of Open Data Hong Kong, leading their science working group and jointly leading the Open Knowledge Asia-Pacific Science network. Rob also has experience of running a targeted social media campaign (called Congo Now!) for a large coalition of charities, successfully increasing their social media following 10 fold, building a mailing list of ~1000 supporters and organising a 7000 strong petition of the Foreign Office on the subject of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.